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We can navigate the maze of California water and air environmental regulations.

Perhaps you just received a letter requesting action with lots of unfamiliar, scientific words. The DTSC, RWQCB, or EPA clearly want some action — but what does their letter mean? What will it cost you? What should you do and when?

We have the technical and scientific expertise to navigate and analyze environmental regulations.

How? We can evaluate a wide variety of highly technical environmental problems — from soil, groundwater, health risk issues, mold and fungus, to Superfund allocations, and PRP letters.

Just when it seems like you just hit a brick wall, we can be there to assist you.

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  • Respond to and explain technical questions
  • Evaluate regulatory agency concerns
  • Forensic Environmental Assessment
  • Review Applicable Environmental Regulations
  • Health & Safety Issues
  • Environmental Real Estate Assessment
  • Groundwater Contamination/Remediation Response
  • Soil contamination/Remediation
  • Indoor Air Quality Concerns
  • Toxicology – Health Risk Assessment
  • Review ASTM Phase 1 Reports


Dr. Bart B. Sokolow, P.E.

Dr. Bart B. Sokolow, P.E.

Over his 30-plus-year career, Dr. Bart Sokolow has concentrated on the analysis of industrial and commercial environmental issues. He focuses principally on resolving the synergistic, interdisciplinary environmental matters posed by the discovery and remediation of toxic and hazardous chemicals (with expertise in soil, groundwater and airborne contaminants).

Through his varied and diverse background, Dr. Sokolow possesses the technical expertise to navigate the complex regulatory environment. As importantly, he has a unique ability to translate and make understandable sophisticated technical issues for clients.


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